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Artuke Land

22 hectares of estate-owned vines spread between 32 plots between the villages of Baños de Ebro and Abalos make our project one of the smallest and most carefully run in the district.

Situación and The Soil

The differences in climate, altitude and soil type between the plots bring us rich benefits and a distinctive nuance to the character of each wine. This is backed up by a system of bush vine plantation and picking of the grapes by hand into small containers.


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Viticulture respectful

What’s more, our viticulture methods respect the environment, using biodynamic techniques so as to achieve the best expression of the terroir.

Recovery vineyards

Moreover, over the last few years, our goal has been, and still is, to seek out and recover abandoned vines and soils with character.

We trust the result

A countercurrent wine growing practices, Looking typicality and uniqueness in our wines through the main base: the land.